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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Glitter Kit (Limited Edition)

Hello Beauties,

I know I am really bad at updating my blog.Well, I had to write a blog post today as I found these super fun palettes at my CVS Pharmacy today.

I knew these palettes were releasing and I kept an eye on my local CVS Pharmacy.This is a LIMITED EDITION collection came up with 4 glitter kits (palettes) .I just got 2 as all the palettes have atleast 3 pans repeated. One was totally a collection of all the colors from the two palettes I got or at least were similar.And, the 4th one was with 2 shades of green and teal and the rest three pans were repeated again from the palettes I got.These palettes retail for $4.99 and every kit come with a very pigmented eyeliner pencil.The package claim that its a glitter eyeliner but I actually gave it a swatch and its actually not.

Not all colors are glitter bases, the last two colors are actually cream bases.
** Also, I was very disappointed by this.All the colors are actually colored eyeshadow bases and a thin layer of glitter was pressed on.I was experimenting on these today and kind of dragged off the glitter and was shocked to see that there is no glitter deep inside :( Very disappointed with Wet and Wild .You kind of could notice this in the swatches.Look at the black color.Its supposed to have multi-color glitter and I dragged it to see that its just a black base.**

These are the two palettes I got.

Left : Main Street Glitz.  Right: Tinsel Mall

The first Glitter Kit is called "Main Street Glitz" and the next one is called "Tinsel Mall".The close pictures and swatches
Swatches for Main Street Glitz
Swatches for Tinsel Mall
Well, these bases give a vibrant metallic finish.You definitely need a very good primer and people with oily eyelids..never even think about trying these.What ever you do, this will crease.
These crease so badly when used on their own even with a good eye primer.I recommend using these over a powder eyeshadow or set with a powder eyeshadow intensify the look and to stop creasing.

 Price: $4.99
Color Pay off: 3.5/5
Swatch: 3/5
Longitivity 1/5
Creasing: 1/5
Overall: I do not recommend
Definitely need a primer.

Hope this helps to you.Leave a comment on what you think.

Deepika <3


  1. nice review u saved my money honey :-)

  2. There are a few "Wet and Wild" products that I like, but these sound like Halloween costume make-up meant to last for a very short time and I personally do not like the cream base. I have dry skin, and can only imagine how awful it would be on oily skin.

  3. Thanks for the review & swatches, they looked so promising but if they don't stay I won't pay

  4. Thanks for the review. I wasn't going to buy them anyway,because I have enough glitter eyeshadows in my stash, but what a horrible collection! Can't believe Wet 'n' Wild is destroying their renewed good reputation with bringing out this garbage... It's kiddie make-up!

  5. WOW !!! luv the main street glitz... lovely blog ... following yr blog ... check out mine too -

  6. realy helpful...wet nwild is one of the fav brands of mine though...

  7. Hey great blog, just come across it and have subscribed.