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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Boots No7 Extravagant Lashes Mascara Review

Hello Beauties,

How are you all doing ? I am sorry for being MIA on my blog but my school has been keeping me very busy.
I recently started using a new mascara as you might know that its very important to switch to a new mascara every 2-3 months.
So, recently when I was browsing the makeup section at target, I discovered this No7 display.I thought this Boots No7 products were only available in UK.I was excited and as I was looking for a mascara and I picked up this "EXTRAVAGANT LASHES" which is want we all want our lashes to look like and that is what we expect from a mascara.
So, here is the picture of the mascara and a zoomed in picture of the wand

So, as you can see, this is a very unusual looking wand for a mascara.Its a plastic wand its a square pattern going on around it.
The formula is fantastic.I used this formulation with my favorite mascara wand and it worked perfectly.
However, we expect the same magic from this wand and it "FAILED". Because there's nothing to separate the lashes, the lashes clump..i mean , serious clumping.Just one coat of this and I have just 3 huge lashes.That is it !!!
Lengthening prominently noticeable.

Lengthening: 1/5
Volume: 0/5
Formula: 3.5/5
Price: $7.99
Extravagant Lashes: Don't even thing about it with this mascara.Forget It.

Hope this helps you someday when you go mascara shopping :)
   Deepika <3