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Thursday, January 26, 2012

REVLON "Scadalous" vs REVLON "Facets of Fuchsia"

Hello Beauties,
I am on serious hunt for REVLON's "Facets of Fuchsia" which is an exact dupe for Deborah Lippmann's "Bad Romance" This color is  a gorgeous fuchsia purple glitter over a medium opacity black base.I don't know how I passed this.
Left: Revlon "Facets of Fuchsia",Right: Deborah Lippmann "Bad Romance"
Disclaimer: The picture has been taken from google images

Lately, I've been seeing REVLON's "Scandalous" in stores.Totally got confused because it exactly looks like "Facets of Fuchsia".
"Facets of Fuchsia" is a part of limited edition collection released a few months ago by Revlon.The collection was released with three beautiful glitter polishes Starry Pink,Facets and Fuchsia and I guess the third one is called Blue Mosaic.
(Left to Right)Starry Pink,Blue Mosaic,Facets of Fuchsia.
Disclaimer: The picture has been taken from google images

My whole concentration is on Facets of Fuchsia.I totally regret for ignoring at that time and not being able to find it now.Scandalous has totally confused me and I did a little google search,researched over few blogs to know that "REVLON HAS MADE "FACETS OF FUCHSIA" PERMANENT, BUT CHANGED ITS NAME TO SCADALOUS."  Yipiee...!!!!!!

Now I am gonna grab a Scandalous for myself.I also heard that they have renamed Starry Pink as Popular and they are available in a lot of drugstores.

Deepika <3

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hello Beauties,
As I am enjoying the success of my youtube channel "allaboutbeaudee",I visited my local CVS Pharmacy.I read a blog post by "Nouveau Cheap" last night about this sale.So, I couldn't stop myself, I just rushed to CVS immediately after I finished my school this afternoon.I almost could see all the Milani products for 75% OFF .I had my eye on Milani Mineral Blushes and lipsticks for a long time and this is the best time to fulfill your Milani

I saw whole lot of bronzers,face powders,nailpolish,runway palettes and single eyeshadows,bunch of eyeliners etc.But , I just picked what I could use and what I actually need.
So, these are all the products I got

BLUSHES: Orginally $5.54 on Sale for $1.85 (I got Luminous,Mai-Tai,Sweet Rose)
Lipsticks : Originally $5.10 on Sale for $1.69 (I got Minky Pinky,Grape Tan)
Nailpolish: Originally $3.74 on Sale for $1.25 (I gotGold Lame)
Single Eyeshadow : Originally $5.54 on Sale for $1.85 (I got Coffee Shop)
Concealer: Originally $7.12 on Sale for $2.37 (I got in 02 Medium)

The total of all these came to $14.40.I has 20% OFF CVS coupon of the week (-2.88)
Total =14.40-2.88= 11.52 + taxes
I PAID $12.10
The concealer is supposed to be a near dupe for YSL's Touche Eclat.I got it in the color 02 Medium.
The Mineral Blush in "Luminous" is also a near/good dupe for NARS Orgasm.

Hope this post helps you.Don't walk just Run to CVS Pharmacy !!


Friday, January 20, 2012

GIVEAWAY!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY "allaboutbeaudee"

Hello Beauties,

This post is an announcement to let you know that my youtube channel "allaboutbeaudee"  is one year old now.Its been a year that I've posted my first video on this channel and ever since I've got so much love and support from all you guys.I AM BLESSED to have met so many good friends and great subscribers from around the globe.

Just as a token of thanks and to give you back, I am holding a giveaway.I wish I could send each one of you, but its practically not possible :( I am sending you hugs to all of you through my laptop screen :)

I am giving away a Philosophy 6 Piece Brush Set.This Brush Kit cute,elegant and complete.CLICK HERE TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY.

Hope to receive your continuous support in this year 2012 as well.