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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Physicians Formula Powder Foundation Review

Hello Beauties,

Hope you are doing fantastic.I've had this post un-edited and waiting for me to post for a decently long time now.Well, This pretty,girly packing you see in the picture, is a powder foundation from Physician's Formula.

This is my everyday makeup product and the only product for which I have 2-3 backups :-/ .Even though I have a lot of blemishes through my breakouts/acne, I am pretty confident about my skin and would prefer very light makeup.Tinted Moisturizer and this powder foundation are my best friends.They give me medium coverage when used together and a light sheer finish when used individually.I will get to my favorite tinted moisturizer in another post.

So, talking more about the product, this is a MINERAL Healthy Wear foundation and has SPF 50 in it.I am in the shade "Translucent Beige"

Its perfect for everyday 

1) It has a good SPF 50
2) Gives a light/ sheer and dewy coverage and the best part is it can be layered.
3) Its a drugstore products, so you do not need to shed a ton of bucks and often can be found on SALE 
4) It have decently good range of shades, so most of us can find a perfect match.
5) Its Mineral Wear, so possibly doesn't give your skin frequent breakouts.

I am posting this as I am travelling in train, so I am a little distracted.I will get back to this post and fill in if I think of any disadvantages.Any questions regarding this products? Commment below and I will be more than happy to answer :)

Deepika <3


  1. hi r u?hw much it is?looks amaazing..want to give try..

    1. Hello Preethi.m doing good.I guess the price is around $17.You can often find it on 75% Off sale at rite aid or at CVS

  2. i really want to try this brand, i wish they had it in the UK, i want to try the happy formula and one of their brushes and this!
    Hope your well