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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Everyday Makeup Products & 10 Pan Challenge

Hello Beauties,
Hope you are doing fantastic.
First off, I want to share an exciting news with you all.Our blog has reached 100 followers .Thank you very much for reading my posts and supporting my blog.Hope you are enjoying my posts and finding some useful information here.Your comments and feedback is really important and will be appreciated.I will soon post a 100 follower celebration giveaway.So, start commenting on my posts.

So, this post is the most requested.So, here I got some time to share with you all.SO, as my makeup stash was growing day by day, I decided that I should have control on what I am buying and research more on what I already have.Just then, I saw some blog posts on 10 pan makeup challenge where we select any 10 makeup products and use them up completely and until then we are not supposed to buy new ones until unless needed.So, here are all the 10 makeup products I took out and here goes a small review on each products.I also included a video where I demonstrate my everyday makeup routine where I've used these products.

1) Eyeshadows: The eyeshadows are from Calvin Klein.They are super pigmented and just feels like butter and blend fantastic.The copper color is my everyday all-over eyelid color.

2) Elf complexion Perfection: Its a compact powder with 4 different shades.Each color is to correct a specific kind of pigmentation.That is what the company states.It dosen't do any of that but its a great translucent powder to set your foundation and its gives a natural sheen to your skin.Its just $3

3) Elf Eyelid Primer: Its a fantastic primer which helps your eyeshadows look more pigmented and stay on your eye lids for a longer time without creasing.I love it and the best part is, its just $1.

4) Cream Blush Stick: I got it from Canada through a makeup swap.Its not too pigmented but I use it under my blush so that my powder blush looks more prominent and stay on for a longer time.

5) Elf All-Over Color Stick: Its absolutely not an all-over color stick but its a fantastic highlight.It gives a peachy gold sheen and its just a $1.

6) Bourjois Compact Powder: I got this when I was in India for my wedding and I LOVE IT.I do not expect a any coverage with a compact powder, but this powder really does give a light coverage and its toooo smooth to blend on your skin.LOVE IT

7) Covergirl Compact Powder: Its a few shades darker to my skin tone.I use it as a bronzer on my face.Its not great but it just works.

8) Jordana Blush: The shade you see in the picture is "Sandalwood".Its not a great blush but its just fine for its price.I guess its $1.99.It dosen't last on your skin any longer than an hour if you wear it on its own.Thats the reason I use a cream blush underneath it.

9) Concealer/Color Corrector: The color corrector I am using at the moment thats in my 10 pan challenge is by Trucco.I am in the shade Meduim.I do not use this on a day to day basis but whenever I need to conceal my under eye bags it just works fine as a color corrector.

10) Wet n Wild Tinted Moisturizer: This is the best tinted moisturizer I've ever used.I am not a foundation person and I prefer using a powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer.The texture is almost like a sheer liquid which makes it easy to blend.It gives a decently light coverage and its build-able.the price is $3.

Here's the video where I demonstrate these products.

Short Review of products that are not in my 10 pan challenge n those I use everyday.

1) Burts Bees Blemish Stick: This is a alcohol based liquid which comes with a roller ball.I apply this directly on to my blemishes before I apply my moisturizer.Its a slow process but it really works in getting rid your blemishes.

2) Neosporin Lip Balm: This is a medicated white petroleum jelly.Its great !!! I had some issues with my lips getting pigmented and this cured it in just a week.

3)Cetaphil Moisturizer: My best friend in any season.I love it !!!

4) VS face Primer: This is a silicon based face primer.I usually skip this step on a daily basis but this mattifys  your skin and control oils and also makes your makeup stay on longer.

If you see any other products in the video and would like to know about them, then comment below this post or on the video and I will let you know.

Deepika <3


  1. i like the eye liner idea..will do that next time..thanks for sharing deepika



  2. Hi.. new to your blog! Nice idea to have control on what we buy.. I think I'll start one like this...

  3. Hi. New fan of ur blog nd a newbee to the world of makeup and beauty. Nice post. It's gud that u included the price of affordabl nice products